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Size Pces/Box SQ M/Box Kg/Box Boxes/Palet Kgs/Palet
33*60 6 1.2 25.8 48 1238
50*50 4 1 21.8 72 1569
60*60 4 1.42 25 32 1136
33*65 5 1 20 28 560
33*33 9 1 18.5 64 1184

Code: 36 MOM WHI
Color: White
Code: 36 MOM BEI
Color: Beige
Code: 36 MOM CEM
Color: Cement

Code: 36 MOM BRO
Code: 36 MOM GRA
Color: Grafito

Code: 23 TES ROY GRI
Color: Tesela Royal Gris
Code: 23 TES ROY MOK
Color: Tesela Royal Moka
Code: W1 MOM WHI
Color: Mosaico White

Code: W1 MOM BGE
Color: Muro Beige
Code: M1 MOM BEI
Color: Mosaico Beige

Code: W1 MOM CEM
Color: Muro Cement
Code: M1 MOM CEM
Color: Mosaico Cement

Code: W1 MOM BRO
Color: Muro Bronze
Code: M1 MOM BRO
Color: Mosaico Bronze

Code: W1 MOM GRA
Color: Muro Grafito
Code: M1 MOM GRA
Color: Mosaico Grafito

Code: 55 MOM WHI
Color: white
Code: 55 MOM BEI
Color: Beige
Code: 55 MOM CEM
Color: Grey
Code: 55 MOM BRO
Color: Bronze
Code: 55 MOM GRA
Color: Graftito
Size: 5*33

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