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Creama Marfil (Digital)

Size Pces/Box SQ M/Box Kg/Box Boxes/Palet Kgs/Palet
60*60 4 1.42 35 32 1120
25*75 6 1.13 20.9 48 1003

Creama Marfil
Beige 25x75
Creama Marfil Releif
Decor 25x75

Creama Marfil Border 4.5x75

Aloma Perfil Gold 2x75

Creama Marfil
Decor A,B 25x75


Creama Marfil Musaic 33x33

Creama Marfil Zocalo 15x25

Creama Marfil Border 9x25

Code: 66 MAR CRE
Color: Cream
Code: 66 MAR CRE-A
Color: Cream
Code: 66 MAR CRE-B
Color: Cream

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